The Time to Talk Mental Health UK Facebook group provides an empathy-based peer support service in a safe, carefully supervised and fully confidential online environment, for people aged over 18 and living in the UK. 

Members are able to share their feelings, support each other and interact 7 days a week. As well as peer support, interaction and advice (if required) there is a daily opportunity to celebrate victories, random acts of kindness, self care and talk about any negatives from the day. 

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Time to Talk Mental Health UK is available to those aged 18+ based in the UK.

Please note that in order for membership to be approved, it is necessary for you to answer some brief questions. These will appear when you click on the ‘Join the Facebook Group’ button.

Please ensure that you answer fully in order to minimise delays with approval.

Group Events

Upcoming Events: The Self Esteem Project

Monday 18 February 2019 

Join us as we work on goal setting as part of a year long project aimed at improving our self esteem.

Your Privacy

The privacy of all members is taken extremely seriously. It is strictly forbidden that anyone’s mental health is disclosed to any person(s) or organisation(s) outside of this group. (Unless expressly agreed with a member, or in extenuating circumstances where disclosure may be necessary for your safety)

**It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that no one outside of the group can access ANY information within Time to Talk UK. Please ensure that you have adequate security set up on your device(s) to ensure that NO person or persons outside of the group can access ANY information contained here.

**Your personal data may be referred to in the Admin Group for Time to Talk Mental Health UK SOLELY for the purposes of maintaining:

A. Your safety

B. Your privacy

Please be assured that any information referenced is treated entirely confidentially and is NEVER repeated or referenced outside of the Admin Group (bound by the same privacy regulations as Time to Talk Mental Health U.K.)

Policies & Procedures

Blog Policy

Here at Time to Talk UK, we always welcome any blog / vlog posts that our members choose to share to
the group.
We would however ask that members observe the following when posting:
1. If the piece contains any content or pictures which may be considered triggering to other members,
that the **warning** notice is used (as with other posts within the group that may contain
sensitive content).
2. A blog share counts towards one of the two maximum posts per day per member (unless there are
extenuating circumstances, in which case please contact an Administrator or a Moderator).
3. Please include the subject of your blog as a heading.

The same should apply when sharing other’s blogs / vlogs within the group. Please ensure that it is appropriate for the environment within Time to Talk and that permission is sought from the author (if required).

**If a group member considers that a blog/vlog post is inappropriate for the group, please inform the relevant on-call Moderator.

**Please note; Time to Talk Mental Health UK is a group primarily for support and this is always our priority as a team. Therefore, it is not possible for Administrators or Moderators to check the entire content of your blog or vlog post.

We will be reliant on the poster to ensure that the content is appropriate for the group.

Escalation Policy

Crisis Posts
If a member sees that that a fellow member is in crisis, it should be flagged to the appropriate On-Call Moderator either by the ‘report to admin’ function on the post, or by private message (details of the on call rota can be found attached to the pinned post).

The following will apply (at the Moderator’s discretion)

  • If the post adheres to the warnings and can be contained within the group, support will be provided on the post.
  • If it is not appropriate for communications to be contained within the group, the Moderator will turn off commenting and state this on the post. The Moderator will then contact that member privately.
  • If the post does not adhere to the warnings and could potentially trigger other members, it will be deleted. The Moderator will then contact that member privately.

The following advice will be given;
1. Contact the Samaritans or GP.
2. Contact your Crisis Team (if you have one).
3. Call 111 or attend A&E.
4. Encourage the member to contact a friend or family member.

The member will be checked on privately the following day.

If a Moderator is assisting a member privately and receives no response to the first message, they will send a second message.

Beyond this, the responsibility of the Moderator will end.

Inappropriate posts/comments
If a member makes any comments / posts which are considered abusive or inappropriate, that comment / post will be deleted. If the issue has escalated before this can take place, commenting will be turned and the Moderator will state this. If the issue affects another member, they will be messaged.

Any member who makes comments or posts which do not adhere to the basic guidelines for the group, will be immediately removed. That member will be informed and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Private Messaging
If a member is found to have sent inappropriate messages to any group member or a member of the admin team, they will be immediately removed from the group. That member will be informed and no further correspondence will be entered into.

**Please note, PM should never be used beyond the immediate occasion when it is required. If this is not adhered to, members will be directed back to the group. If that member persists they will be removed from the group.

***From time to time, posts may be discussed in the Admin Group as appropriate. Please be assured that your privacy is taken very seriously and complete and total confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Private Messaging Policy

Member to Member
Private messaging should NEVER be used between group members.
This is due to the following reasons;
1. It can increase the risk of co-dependencies being formed.
2. It can place an additional burden on individuals.
3. Private messages / their content could trigger other members.
4. Time to Talk Mental Health UK is for mutual support and is not a forum for any kind of relationship to be
5. Privacy and confidentiality could be compromised.
6. We strive to keep all members safe and comfortable and can only maintain that in the group environment.

(Note: relationships established pre-Time to Talk UK are of course not affected. However, please observe the
guidance on the pinned post ‘Anything discussed within Time to Talk UK MUST NEVER be repeated outside of it’).

Time to Talk can take no responsibility if members decide to disregard this policy. However, if you have an issue
with a member sending you unwanted / inappropriate private messages, please contact an Administrator for

**If it is discovered that the privacy and confidentiality of any member has been compromised, this will result in
immediate expulsion from the group.

**The Admin Team reserves the right to use its discretion with each individual case.

Admin Team Member and Member
Private messaging should only EVER be used under the following circumstances:
1. A member of the Admin Team needs to contact a member on a matter concerning the group.
2. A member of the group needs to contact the Admin Team to raise a query or flag up a problem with the
3. If it has been expressly agreed with the Admin Team member beforehand regarding a specific issue.

(Note: Private messaging should NEVER be used beyond the occasion it is agreed and it should NEVER EVER for used
for support purposes.

**Please note that any communications by private message may be shared with the rest of the Admin Team for
information, or to obtain a group consensus. Please be assured that any information is always treated in the strictest
of confidence.

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