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Our Partners

Our Partners

Rethink Mental Illness – Share and Care Support Group

The Charity, Rethink Mental Illness, have just started a regular monthly, online, Peer Support session over Zoom.

it’s for people living with mental illness, alongside carers and family members supporting someone with mental illness, a safe, supportive, and welcoming online space to meet.

The group meet on the last Wednesday of every month to socialise, share experiences, and offer support and encouragement to one another in a non-judgmental space.

To find out more see Share and Care Support Group (rethink.org)

National Suicide Prevention Alliance

Suicide prevention is everyone’s business. The National Suicide Prevention Alliance (NSPA) is an alliance of public, private and voluntary organisations in England who care about suicide prevention and are willing to take individual and collective action to reduce suicide and self-harm, and support those bereaved or affected by suicide.

Hub Of Hope

The Hub of Hope is a first of its kind, national mental health database which brings together organisations and charities, large and small from across the country who offer mental health advice and support, together in one place.  Time to Talk Mental Health UK is now added to their list of support organisations. 

Zero Suicide Alliance

We are delighted to announce we have joined the Zero Suicide Alliance to help prevent suicide. We feel passionately about ensuring our members are kept safe and supported when they are in crisis.  This alliance will help our volunteers to be more informed on how to offer support.  We are not clinicians, however peer to peer support is so valuable.   

National Voices

National Voices is the coalition of charities that stands for people being in control of their health and care.  Time to Talk Mental Health UK has joined the coalition our aim to support the work they are set up to.  We want person-centred care.  So, people can have as much control and influence as possible over decisions that affect their own health and care – as patients, carers and members of communities. We want our Charity to be partners in the design of services and partners in research, innovation and improvements.

Bedfordshire & Luton Recovery College

Bedfordshire and Luton Recovery College is part of the Bedfordshire Mental Health Academy which is a formal partnership with East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) and the University of Bedfordshire.

The college is open to any adults who live or work in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Courses and workshops focus on mental health wellbeing and recovery. They are delivered by people with lived experience and professional experience.  We have joined in partnership with them so that our members from Bedfordshire can take advantage of the services they offer.  We know how much peer to peer support is so important to support us and help our recovery.


We are delighted to become members of NCVO who represents charities, community groups and social enterprises across England.  We will receive expert support and advice, through their practical resources to help the day-to-day running of our Charity.   We hope to strengthen our relationship with the voluntary sector and stay up to date in the civil society and connect with other members and raise our profile.

With over 14,000 members from Charities and Volunteering organisations we hope to share information, stay connected and informed.

Futures For You

We have connected with Futures for You, to support our members in achieving their goals.  Whether they are unsure what’s next in looking for a career change, new job, going through redundancy, looking for support with educational needs, disabilities or considering adult training courses. 

Futures for You has agreed to offer their team of dedicated careers advisers who work directly with Insight Healthcare.  They will provide as much support as they can to those who are living with mental and physical health conditions, concerned about their current role, those who may be struggling with workplace bullying.

Sessions are completely confidential. The adviser and therapist don’t confer, and members GP won’t be informed either.

We have partnered up with Movement for Modern Life. You can join a freethinking, maverick online yoga community where you can curate your own sustainable practice, defined by you, just right for you. Be guided by our handpicked selection of world-class teachers and on-demand selection of 1,400 online yoga classes.