Time to Talk Mental Health UK

We’re a social media peer support community for adults in the UK with mental health difficulties.

Time to Talk Mental Health UK is a fully private and confidential Facebook Community.

The community is highly interactive and fully moderated. We provide a safe place for people to talk about their mental health in confidence with others who understand.

In addition, we provide events, regular clubs and a library of resources.

The community enables consistent support, which is otherwise lacking in the mental health care package.

A poem from the book


We have another reading from Charlotte this week, reading a poem about relationship breakdown. Going thru hard times can be difficult for the best of us, and it’s at times like we need to reach out to talk to somebody. That’s exactly what we offer at Time To Talk Mental Health UK.


This is the 8th poem in our extracts from our book, “Creative Expressions:freedom through poetry and art”.



Want to Purchase Creative Expressions?

We are so excited to offer the book for you, either in paperback or Kindle format. Thanks to the Evelyn Trust, we will receive ALL the purchase price you pay for the book for the next few months.

Keep a look out on social media and we will share snippets of the book.

You can order from amazon here:


We know that these uncertain times are causing additional #anxiety for many of us.

But #YouAreNotAlone.
#isolation doesn’t have to mean loneliness. We are a social media based peer support community, available 7 days a week.
Join at: Time To Talk UK  (UK only, 18+)



Impartially, without judgement or prejudice.


Without question, expectation or obligation.


Ensuring everyone has the right to be heard.

Do you want to volunteer for Time To Talk MH UK?

We currently have some roles which we would love you to consider. 
Further details are on the page /about-us/jobs

If you have any questions, just ask… 


Released on Time to Talk Day, 2020, this video shows an overview of the charity, what it does, and why. It provides personal testimonies from people helped by the charity. Take a look, it’s just over 5 minutes long.

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Time to Talk Mental Health UK is a voluntary organisation, funded by donations. You can help us continue to provide support to adults in the UK every day. 

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