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Positive Minds Wellbeing Programme

Positive Minds Wellbeing Programme

Welcome to our Positive Minds Wellbeing Programme, we hope you find this a helpful space for you to explore a variety of events and activities, designed especially for the Time To Talk Mental Health peer to peer community, (funded by our award from the Lottery Community Fund).  

Have a read of whats on offer below, what sessions are coming up and how to get involved. Please do give them ago, you’ll never know unless you give it a go!

Resilience Voyage is an organisation that helps people build and maintain resilience by understanding the way we think, feel and behave. They’re passionate about understanding the way that humans think and feel as this underpins everything that we do. When we are able to understand the ‘why’ behind our behaviour we can truly start to make changes to enable us to build our resilience to life. These forthcoming live event series (including two workshops) will run until September 2022.

If you would like to attend these sessions, please join our private and confidential peer to peer Time to Talk Mental Health UK facebook group.

Creative Wellness – Designed to support mental wellness through the beauty of creation.  A safe place to share and learn how to express yourself through creativity.  There are some amazing free resources available to everyone regarding of their experience, skills or knowledge.

Movement for Modern Life – A chance for you to join a freethinking, maverick online yoga community where you can curate your own sustainable practice, defined by you, just right for you. Be guided by our handpicked selection of world-class teachers and on-demand selection of 1,400 online yoga classes.