Research for Recovery: Connecting Communities and Delivery Virtual Healthcare Support
Research for Recovery: Connecting Communities and Delivery Virtual Healthcare Support

Research for Recovery: Connecting Communities and Delivery Virtual Healthcare Support

COVID-19 has shone a light on the mental health landscape, creating unprecedented psychological struggles and heightening the risk factors associated with poor mental health. From March 2020, the prevalence of anxiety and depression has increased for millions of us.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has been tackling pandemic-related challenges, supporting thousands of research projects and initiatives, from mental health to parenting support. 

Over two years on from the initial outbreak of COVID-19, UKRI has designed a Research for Recovery Infographic exploring the impact of healthcare research.

Strength in Numbers

It’s challenging to find safe and open spaces to feel confident enough to share our psychological troubles. In the face of the coronavirus, communities have come together in an attempt to destigmatise mental health. Online resources and support groups have been launched to help with mental health struggles such as stress and anxiety and to counteract feelings of loneliness.

Tech-Powered Healthcare: Keeping Us Connected

A UKRI-funded programme provided mental health support to 500,000+ young people. Digital health app and mental health platform Wysa incorporates a system of self-care tools and exercises for teenagers to help increase their emotional resilience and reduce anxiety levels. The AI chatbot makes use of various forms of clinically reviewed cognitive-behavioural techniques to help users manage their mental health.

Wysa’s self-care tool helps users reframe and cope with negative feelings and organise and structure their thoughts, using cognitive-behavioural techniques backed by science and handpicked by therapists to help build mental resilience. Every conversation is based on techniques published in peer-reviewed clinical research.

Wysa’s Adolescent Support Pack is presently being clinically reviewed and made available via social platforms and online communities for children and teens, with thousands of users engaging daily with the content. From over 100,000 customer reviews, the mindfulness tool garnered a near-perfect score from approximately 100 million conversations. Around 87% of UK adolescents found the tool beneficial, with wellness scores improving in just two weeks.

Bridging the Gap in Employee Mental Health

A staggering 60% of a workforce’s mental health needs are not supported by current solutions; practices such as meditation and yoga aren’t enough, and most remain undiagnosed. Wysa is now using AI to improve mental health throughout the UK for the working population, supporting adults who fall into the “missing middle” of mental health. Wysa caters to the full spectrum of employee psychological needs by making them feel heard without being seen as weak.

About Us

Time To Talk Mental Health UK was introduced in 2017, providing a safe, confidential and supportive environment for any UK Adult who is seeking support for their mental health. Every one of our 2500 members has had an experience of poor mental health or mental illness, encouraging a wealth of understanding and empathy for others.

The charity encourages interaction with regular online activities including games, music nights, quizzes, and poetry readings. In line with mental health demands escalated by the pandemic, Time To Talk has seen a marked increase in support required over the past couple of years. The moderators support members 7 days a week between 9am and 10:30am – ensuring that everybody is listened to, spotting anybody who is in crisis or needs additional support.

The charity has a number of partners with whom we have shared information or events. These partners include Zero Suicide Alliance, National Voices, and the Bedfordshire and Luton Recovery College.

Last year a grant was received from the Lotteries Community Fund that enabled a 6-month Wellbeing Program to be run, allowing external speakers to share material that was beneficial to our members. This included talks about wellbeing, resilience, and how to increase our emotional intelligence.

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