Firstly, a happy new year to you all, the festive period was very odd, and I know a lot of people are suffering from not being able to see people as normal.

With the extra anxiety of the lockdown and other restrictions across the 4 nations of the UK, it is critical that we seek support for ourselves, and others.

That’s one of the reasons for the many events we hold in the group, these are detailed, together with an outline of a couple of partnerships we have in the latest newsletter.

Many thanks for those that have purchased the book, either as a paperback or in kindle form. We’ve sold nearly 50 copies, which is great. Currently we have an agreement that we receive ALL of the cover price, so it would be great if you could purchase a copy soon, if  you haven’t yet.  To show you some of the poems that are contained in the book, we have a number of videos on our YouTube channel

Stay safe,


Newsletter at: TTTMHUK Newsletter JAN 2021 

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