Life continues in such a strange manner for a lot of us.

This month charity newsletter is focused on two things that I hope will help during the very odd times.

We have a limited stock of Christmas cards, with all profits going to the charity, so if you want to contact people this festive season in the old “traditional” way, then why not send a Christmas card. You can purchase via eBay, or direct from me (to save costs) ( or over facebook)

We are also very very excited to be on the brink of being able to publish the 1st ever TTT MH UK book.. it’s a collection from over 25 members of their art work and poetry. Some of the poems are very moving and show how that, even though we are going thru tough times, creativity and artistic ability can shine out. I am very thankful for all the contributors to this. We have a launch event planned for 14th November from 7pm to share some of this, with some exciting guests joining.   Keep an eye on social media for more information. The event will be broadcast on our YouTube channel and  the group.

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 If you have any suggestions for other activities we might do, then please let one of the management team know.

 Stay safe,



November Newsletter

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