Walk 1000 miles – October Update
Walk 1000 miles – October Update

Walk 1000 miles – October Update

Another milestone reached.. 800 miles.

I’ve walked the length of the Rhine. A thirtieth of the way round the entire planet.

And all by just doing a bit each day.

On the radio earlier was a discussion about how people could save money, in the current cost crisis, by changing old habits.

  • Like stopping their video subscriptions, that they have had for ages.
  • Or changing from a regular coffee they have from a coffee shop…. That they have done for ages.
  • Or stop heating their whole house 24 hours a day, that they have done for ages.

Thinking about my long journey, and how to look after our own mental health, sometimes we really benefit from changing some of the things that we’ve done for ages. Things that we know don’t help us, but we keep on doing. Because we’ve done it for ages.

It’s been good doing the walking… Getting outside most days and taking in the local area or somewhere new. It has helped me with work too – it’s amazing how many good ideas come to mind when I’m wandering the local streets in my lunch hour.

Last week it was world mental health day… A reminder that we all have mental health, which can be good, or bad. We can really help our own mental health if we pick up some useful habits, and maybe stop those that we know are not beneficial.

It could be trying to :

  • get outside regularly
  • doing a bit of exercise (doesn’t have to be the gym, could be just walking around the block)
  • giving (doesn’t have to be financially. time is much more valuable to give)
  • eating and drinking well (not excessive or too little)
  • smiling
  • being creative (with music, craft, cooking, DIY, or just a new hobby)

Thanks for those who have supported my so far, the end is in sight (I can see it on the map below, but i am fairly high up on the Cairngorms). If you are able to make a donation it will be used by the charity to help those who really need support. Regular updates will be available on fundraising page

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