Time To Talk Mental Health UK


We all know that getting outside regularly and doing some exercise can really help our mental health.

But sometimes it can be really hard to keep going..

Thats something our Membership Manager, Graham Carrington, can relate to, and so he’s signed up to the challenge of walking 1000 miles in 2022.

It’s less that 3 miles a day, which isn’t massively hard…. But every day?

If you want to join the challenge take a look at https://www.walk1000miles.co.uk/ it’s free to join.

Graham is also aiming to raise money for Time To Talk Mental Health UK too.

If you are able to make a donation it will be used by the charity to help those who really need support. Regular updates will be available on fundraising page

January Update https://www.timetotalkuk.org.uk/walk-1000-miles-update-january/