Time To Talk Mental Health UK
Who are we

Who are we

Time To Talk Mental Health is a UK Registered Charity, that provides a confidential and safe platform for people who are suffering with poor mental health to find support from each other. We are not (generally) professional mental health workers, but people with lived experience.

We have approximately 2500 members, and membership is welcome for any adult in the UK.

The charity is run entirely by volunteers, with any donations received helping run the ongoing costs of the charity (eg website and safeguarding training).

A list of some of the current management team is below, we have a much bigger team of moderators that provide hands on support for our members every day of the year.

Katie Prentice – Honorary President (founder)

Sue Thomas – Trustee & Volunteers’ Team Lead Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Celia Lythgoe – Trustee & Policy managerGraham Carrington -Trustee & Membership & Engagement Manager
Iain Hay – Charity Finance Manager Laura Jane Anthony – Senior Moderator Administrator Shae Gilbert – Social Media manager Katherine Jenkins -Birthdays!
lots of vacant posts – moderators, events manager,lots of vacant posts – website admin, lots of vacant posts – recruitment and induction manager, lots of vacant posts – , bid writing manager

if you are interested in any of the vacant posts please contact us